ATF/ E-Learning - Blood Gas Analysis for Zoo and Wildlife Medicine

The ATF [Academy of veterinary continuing education in Germany], the and the EAZWV [European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians] started an e-learning cooperation in 2013. This is the second permanent course in this series and deals with the blood gas analysis in zoo and wildlife medicine and is held by Sathya K. Chinnadurai. With the widespread availability of point-of-care analyzers, blood gas analysis can easily be performed in zoo collections and in the field. Deleterious changes in blood pH, oxygenation and ventilation can be rapidly diagnosed and treated. The course will discuss commonly available equipment and interpretation of arterial and venous blood gases. It will cover common sampling errors and artifacts, as well as species specific nuances in blood gas interpretation for non-mammalian species. For further information and registration please visit